Healing at Work – Day 5

Conquer – FACE my fears of
what I want/think
and how others
will react to me
or how it might
“hurt” them.

Do I worry about how
people will react to

When I am explaining
something or asking for
What is the most
important reason to me
rather than what is
easiest for them to
hear, or will most
convince them?

What is important for
my health and well-being?
What is my truth?

I think it is time to
talk with my dad.
The dad in my head
who is holding me back.

Driving down Burnside street
after work today
I asked my dad,
Am I okay?
He said
You are okay.
You are okay.
That felt so good.
So comforting. My dad
in me.
My dad.

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