Healing at Work – Day 12

Now is the time
Today I Honor Me
I am okay.

Yesterday I went through a complete experience of work trauma starting with “X”‘s terse email and my supervisor’s response. Talked to our attorney. Got my own grounding. At the end of the day I had a realization. The nature of work for a human resources professional is many times either justifying the law, or defending yourself or your decisions or thought processes. Because people get angry or frustrated when they don’t want to hear what you have to say. And they only have their own partial truth. No wonder this job is hard for me at times. No wonder I feel anxious. Partly, it is the nature of the work. Partly it is my own stuff that gets triggered. Helpful to see that. Glad for this opportunity to see my terror once again, and understand the situation more clearly. Happy that I was able to come back to my center, and ground myself so quickly. I am healing.

Still, I am glad not to be staying and having to interact with angry persons here. Some people create a lot of powerful negative energy with their anxiety-anger-bullying-intimidation. Funny, but I doubt they see themselves this way. Bosses co-defend their behavior and explain it away. Peers seem to be amused. The wrath, never directed toward them. For most others who experience it though, it can be much worse than unpleasant. John’s affirmation helped me out: I am not vulnerable.

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