Healing at Work – Day 17

What are your deepest dreams? Floating around? On the periphery of the mind?

I dream to speak and teach, guide and coach. I dream to be loved for what I do. Affectionately. I dream of being taken seriously. I dream of knowing how to do what I want to do and being courageous enough to step into it. I dream that when I look at myself in the mirror I see a compassionate, kind, competent woman. I dream of seeing myself and this world straightforwardly. I dream of clearing away the layers and layers of dust that cloud my vision. Ultimately, I dream of Healing. This word is in my mind, follows me through many of my experiences, thoughts, desires.

Healing is not a thing. Not an end process. Healing is the way we live our lives. It is the approach I take to everything, what I always long for even when I do not know the way. What is that task, that one thing that will consume every moment of my life? It is right here before me. Always before me. Healing. This is the One Thing. From this moment on, I have a lifetime to heal and share healing with others.

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