Healing at Work – From Negative to Positive

As I wrote yesterday, we can heal the wounds inside us by watering the positive seeds in us and not feeding the negative seeds. I wrote about my own seeds of hesitation, avoidance and neglecting. There are antidotes to these seeds. If we are mindful, paying attention to what is going on around and inside us, we will discover the antidotes – the answers – for ourselves. Here are some antidotes for me.

Antidote to hesitancy:
Stepping forward
Speaking up
Speaking out

Antidote to avoidance:
Turn around
Look into
Face directly
Circle of love

Antidote to neglecting:
Make a commitment
to care for
Find joy
Practice happiness
Practice forgiveness
Practice loving kindness
toward myself
toward others
toward all of us
toward the entire world

In each of these, the
Greatest Antidote is
To Practice

Questions for You!
What seeds do you see in yourself that could transform from negative to positive? How can you nurture that in yourself?

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