Healing at Work – Day 21

My mind and feelings have been all over the place lately. The agency has made a job offer to a HR manager candidate, senior managers are moving on with strategic planning, and we have planned a farewell lunch with the cross-cultural effectiveness committee. The agency is transitioning to be without me and I feel this is good. This has been a good transition for me as well, even though I can still say that my boss’s treatment of me was patriarchal, insensitive, non-inclusive, judgmental, and damaging. This is good. I can sort out the unhealthy from the healthy. Sometime I may be able to forgive the bad. But I will never forget it. Like the Mizo women who went through so much during the period of war and forced migration, they said “I don’t want revenge.” That also is good.

My boss wants an exit interview. I am not sure about that. I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to. What is there to say, that has not already been said?

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