Healing at Work – Day 32

Tomorrow is officially my last day of work, although I may do some on-call follow up work over the next couple of weeks.

Mixed feelings go through me. Fear rises up but, when I remember, I accept it and let it be. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow will be just more ordinary days. Like today.

I have now completed the first month of my three month “retreat.” I feel more present and grounded in my breath and my body. Practicing  helps me remember more often. I am curious about my voice and speaking up. I haven’t practiced my affirmations (see https://phoenixrisinghealingwoman.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=279&action=edit) every day lately, but they do come to me at times and I appreciate that.

I want my writing to be sincere and honest, without dismissing initial thinking, and polishing over before the words even leave the pen. What if I stay in the present moment with my writing without even scanning for what comes next?

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