Healing at Work – Day 33

Today. My last day of work. I vow to get my projects done so I can walk away with a cleared mind.

Yesterday my boss got annoyed with me because of an HR decision I made. That smirky, annoyed look and dismissive attitude, right in front of the new HR manager. As he walked out the door he said, “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now anyway. Right?” Because I will be gone soon.

The thing is, I realized just now, he had talked to the supervisor about the situation, so he had a different understanding of what had happened. He had the whole story, but no one ever came to HR to check out the decision they were considering until after it was done and the person was out the door. Only then, after the end of the day, did we get the email. And it wasn’t even sent to me. No one had talked to me.

Yep, I was supposed to know there was an “agreement” between the supervisor and employee – even though the supervisor did not tell me this. I am so glad to be out of there. Nope, I never would catch a break from him.

Last day. Okay. Let’s go!

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