From DaeHaeng Sunim

Go forward with steps that never leave any trace. Accept everything that confronts you with a positive attitude, and never try to avoid anything you face. It’s not a problem of obtaining something, or getting rid of something, or not getting rid or something. Just make sure you aren’t trying to avoid the things that are coming, and don’t try to cling to the things that are leaving. Become a brave person who is never stained by anything or attached to anything. Become a true human being, a person who is both the most normal and the most extraordinary.

A courageous person covers a thousand miles with a single step; a small-minded person can run a hundred miles, and it still won’t amount to even one step.

Look at how water flows. When it meets a hole, it fills the hole and then continues flowing. When it meets a rock or hill, it flows around it and continues on. The practice of finding your true self should be done like this.

From No River to Cross

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