Time to Feel

Once a young girl
stood at the brink
of a beautiful day.
The day beckoned her
with its wild
purple and gold wildflowers
glittering in a sun so bright
the warmth of its embrace
filled the air with
the sweet voices
of larks and jays and
Dazzling and glorious
the day awaited her.
Touch, feel, reach out
wrap yourself in the
and feel the beat of

But that day
was not meant to be.
For the girl turned
and fell into the blackness
that welled up inside of her
Encasing her in
Utter loneliness
Thrusting her deep
into the dark pool
of her tears.
As she spun slowly
deeper and deeper
she lashed out
For she thought
the darkness
was outside of her.

Those around her
drove her to madness.
Could they not see
the pain they caused
the pain she felt
Which was really
an opening of her heart
to all that she was
helpless to save
helpless to cure
all that was outside came in
all inside fell out
she was the boundary
of their crossings
The lightning rod
of energy’s passing.

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