Reflecting on the year

The ending of the year closely coincides with the winter solstice, longer nights and daytime shadows, a time to cozy up and touch into those deeper places within. I don’t know about you, but I have a ritual of journaling my reflections at the end of the year: What happened this year? What have I learned? What do I want to let go of? What do I want to keep? What am I most grateful for and why? Where would I like to place my focus for the coming year?

This year I am adding a couple new questions to the list:

What was unexpected for me this year?

If I could have a “do-over” what would it be?

What surprised me most about myself this year?

My friend, Jerry Braza, recently sent the following set of questions to me. His mindfulness community is using them as part of their winter practice period–a time to “go more deeply” into their practice of mindfulness in their daily lives. These are great questions for reflecting on qualities I would like to cultivate in my life: peace, clarity, compassion, courage, and paying attention. I love them, and so am passing them along to you to do with as you wish!

What am I doing to create more peace in my life?

How am I enhancing my clarity through practicing mindfulness or awareness?

How am I developing my compassion for self and others?

In what ways am I developing my personal courage and my ability to look deeply and transform the challenging seeds in my consciousness?

On a daily basis, in what ways am I finding moments to “linger a little longer” as means of stopping and experiencing each moment more fully?

The winter solstice is considered by some as a time of new beginnings, time for self-examination and meditation, time for a celebration of nature’s dormancy and renewal. May we all find renewal in this new year!

Peace and blessings to all, Nisi 🙂

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