Allowing the “Feel Good”

One morning after working out at the gym, I recognized that my body felt good. I felt happy. Stepping out into the crisp, cool fall day, I was alert.

Then in a moment my mind flashed to my body. A shot of anxious energy went through me. Evaluating. One image came into my mind, of my abdomen, which I didn’t like much. My mind said I am still not my ideal self. My mood quickly changed.

But then I thought why can’t I be happy with me just as I am right now? I feel really good. My body feels really good.

I let go of the abdomen image and the anxiety subsided. I felt calm, centered, relaxed. I really did feel good. What more could I want, right now? Nothing, really.

How many times do such stored up images, created by a judging mind with the help of millions of sound-bite messages from the media and my own culture, leap up from the depths of memory without my even recognizing the contrived havoc they wreak upon me?

Being present in the moment can be a real gift–allowing us to maintain our happiness, to feel good, even when our judging mind, out of the blue, sends a signal telling us we are flawed, not so great. Catching that one thought, that one sensation, may be all it takes to regain our balance and keep us from falling into the despairing catacombs contrived by the programming of a ruminating mind.

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