Truthful About Writing

Reading some of the pieces I have written to date on my Healing Woman Project–seem sloppily sentimental, meandering, skimming the surface of what I want to say, not focused, short. This same thing is true (well, feels true) about much of my heart story writing. Although I believe there are some well-written sections for both.

On one level, I realize that this is a natural movement through the writing process. But there is more to it than that. I want to spiral deeper. I want to take the next steps now. Allowing this critique to filter through as a helpmate for my writing, I have decided to take some action to move my writing along toward being as meaningful, useful and clear as I aspire for it to be. So, here are my commitments to my writing:

  1. write for at least 10 minutes from a writing prompt every morning (gulp!);
  2. dedicate one day a week to writing (may include creativity and research)–no emails, phone calls, driving;
  3. sit in meditation before I write (before I start I plan to read the particular aspiration I have for writing on this day) to clear my mind and deepen/sharpen my focus;
  4. listen carefully and attentively throughout the day;
  5. release myself into this moment as fully and completely as possible.

And see what shows up. This is a fresh entry point into an endless path. I hope it helps me hone my craft, as well as create movement in my writing between a deep place of knowing and words on the page.

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