Sweet Betty’s

mom and the girls
out to Sweet Betty’s.
Full with banana crepes
I posed a question
I was struggling with.

My sisters
sat up
leaned forward
listened attentively
offered me their

Go to the woman.
Tell her how
what she is doing is
making you feel.
Many people are not so
don’t realize the impact of
their behavior,
act out of fear.
Their own deep fears.

My sisters and I,
we talk about
such things.

As well as the
everyday stuff.
My son bought a new car.
My granddaughter went snowboarding.
It’s time to preen the yard,
cut back the ivy.

Every Saturday morning
in Gresham,
breakfast happens at
Sweet Betty’s.

I am fortunate
to have
such a
deep well
A place to land.
A place to relax.
A place to be me.
A place to belong.

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3 Responses to Sweet Betty’s

  1. Lorry Christian says:

    Beautifully written.

  2. Tammy DuVall says:

    So nice to hear happiness and serenity. Many Blessings and MUCH LOVE!

    Tammy Christian DuVall

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