About me

Hi! My name is Nisi Ségor. Some people call me Nisi, some call me Aunt Nisi, and a couple of really cute girls call me Gramma Nisi. Of course, big people sometimes call me Denise, but I am really Nisi at heart 🙂

At my core, I am a writer committed to inclusion and acceptance work, seeking ways to mindfully and compassionately navigate the differences between us that cause conflict and suffering. My PhD is in human and organizational systems–my sister calls it a degree in cultural diversity 🙂 I have worked with village women in NE India, documenting their stories of survival, strength and transformation through war and forced migration. Currently, I am working on a healing woman empowerment project, the seeds of which sprouted out of my recent experience with depression and the continuing process of healing.

Please feel free to comment on anything I post. And stay tuned. More to come!

3 Responses to About me

  1. Lorry says:

    Hi Nisi — I am really enjoying your writings; very articulate and true from the warm hearted friend I’ve known for decades. Love you, Lorry

  2. Hi Nisi!
    I found your site by {serendipitous} accident :^)…looking up Shih-T’ou Hsi-ch’ien…how wonderful to find you! Hope all is well and will see you soon, hopefully,

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