About this site

I believe we can solve the many problems of the world – war, poverty, environmental destruction, abuses against women and children, the ideological divides – if we can heal the wounds of humanity.

Vulnerable Peoples, particularly Women, need strong narratives about themselves in order to overcome oppression and oppressive environments. We need the Healing Woman, who is within and around us always, to help us create and live fully vibrant, healthy lives. Who is this Healing Woman? She is the soft voice that whispers our original name; the piercing eyes that look deeply into our own and see the burning fire that is our desire to be truly alive; the ever-present Mother who wraps her great warm arms about us, embracing us tenderly, and, with loving strokes from her fingers, softly brushes away the tears of our suffering. She puts us in touch with our innate nature, which is always mysterious, always moving in the direction of healing and transformation. Bathed in her love we heal ourselves and, as we transform, we heal humanity.

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