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There is an old voice in me that says
Poetry is a chance
to catch
inner sounds, visions, senses,
outer wonders, and
put them on the page
before they melt into
the next moment.

If they touch deep enough,
true enough, I know, because
my eyes rain.
April 9, 2010

Morning Flight

Silhouette of trees reaching expectant limbs to a vast spacious sky. Stars twinkle and sparkle their mirth As pounding waves create an ocean’s roar as fierce as any lion’s And more enduring. She feels the breeze drifting through cracks in … Continue reading

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Who Knew?

Her heart washes free As wind howls raindrops pelt and stars press through the shadows of night. Quiet morning incense of a thousand million years infuses her body floating away residue of past lives in this place. Now grey welts … Continue reading

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From the Guanzi

When you enlarge your mind and let go of it, When you relax your [qi 氣] vital breath and expand it, When your body is calm and unmoving: And you can maintain the One and discard the myriad disturbances. You … Continue reading

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The Greatest Woman

Unknown Lacking nothing There is no favor to curry. The greatest woman is nobody The greatest woman is completely FREE. Transforming. Healing the vestments of the need for acceptance she becomes light and flies free. The winds blow easily with … Continue reading

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The Sacred and the Profane

Snow falling Quiet. Soft. Except for the rattling whiz of the vacuum. She is practicing working meditation. Ear drum vibrates as it moves close. Rocks fir needles sand Clink clink clink as the vacuum clears away debris in my mind.

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If I Go Empty-Handed . . .

The quiet confusion of a tender depression sightless, dreary joins with the wet brown leaves, matted on a deck that swirls out into muddy grey skies. Here in the stillness of nothing to be done my heart aches lost. Harsh … Continue reading

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One night recently I woke up–suddenly, anxious about the future and my honest abilities to actually do this work. I took a breath, noticed the tension in my body, and focused my attention on some truths. The truth is, I … Continue reading

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