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The Masters’ Words

Into bones The masters’ words sink Stiff & brittle Cracks & crevices Bathed in silence, softness, light Renewed form emerges From webs so tight a strangled voice utters no sounds No place to go No escape from tangled thoughts The … Continue reading

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From Leonard Cohen

There is a crack in everything and that is how the light gets in.

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A Woman’s Business Plan

For the last two weeks I have been agonizing over the elements of my business plan. This is required writing in order for me to receive unemployment benefits while I am establishing my business. The roadblock for me is that … Continue reading

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Deeply Into the Night

The ugly, wretched crone Stands alone in open meadow Dark Sky Thunder and Lightning surround her There is no light Tears ooze from every pore of her body. Rain pours down in torrents Her clothing – ragged Her feet – … Continue reading

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Morning Poetry 4 April 2011

We are a river flowing beautifully Light dances on our waves and ripples More dazzling than diamonds We are this spirit Meant to see it feel it. To see and feel our self.

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Morning Poetry 3 April 2011

A crack opened up in the EarthSoul Right down to her core A terrifying rumbling shook the planet As the sun gave up its light. Now she lives with a deep knowing of not knowing. She is still tender and … Continue reading

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a Gift

There is a Gift that haunts Tragedy. In the depths of Despair Where no light reaches And no Way can be found, Even within the catacombs of Lost Where our body— our entire being— Aches from so much Pain, The … Continue reading

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Grandmother Stories

Life lived like a story or words in books black smudges on a page flat and quiet Spoken, they come alive In community In context Love, shared history Caring to teach and share. To know the storyteller Watch her The … Continue reading

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